Updated Design – EgyptBeauty Relaunches!

Updated Design – EgyptBeauty Relaunches!

EgyptBeauty Launches Updated Design on Web Site

UPDATED DESIGN:  Hey everyone!  I hope all is going wonderfully in your lives.  I wanted to take a moment and walk you through some of the recent changes that have been made on EgyptBeauty.com.  If you have come to my website recently, you may have noticed everything looks MUCH different.  My old design was very outdated and just wasn’t meeting the needs of my fans or myself.  As of right now, only the outside of the website has a new updated design.

EgyptBeauty Launches Updated Design Egyptian XXX Arab Sex Phone Sex Pussy Egypt Sex
Screenshot of New Design

Cam Notifier

As part of the updated design, we made it much easier for you to locate my LIVE WebCam and to be able to chat with me LIVE.  One of the new additions isa tool to be able to get notifications via email anytime I log on line – so you will always know when I am online.  You will find this on the right hand side of the screen – there is a huge pink button that says “click here” below a photo of me in my chair.  Just click on that button and register a free account.  Then, when it asks you to enter a WEBCAM URL, enter this:  http://www.myfreecams.com/#EgyptBeauty .  That will tell CamNotifier to email you when my webcam goes LIVE!

EgyptBeauty Launches Updated Design MFC Live Cam Notifier - Arab Sex Pussy
This is where you click to get emails when i am LIVE on WebCam!

English & Arabic Phone Sex

If you look on the right side of the screen in the updated design, you will see a graphic with a pink telephone telling you that I offer phone sex.  Many people did not realize I offered this service!  I offer both English and Arabic Phone Sex!  In order to purchase phone sex time with me, you just click on the banner and purchase tokens from MyFreeCams.  Then, just message me on MyFreeCams or via email and let me know you would like to have phone sex with me and I will be happy to make time for you.  

EgyptBeauty Launches Updated Design Arabic Phone Sex - Pussy Phone Sex Anal Toys Egypt Egyptian
This is the where you click for English or Arabic Phone Sex with me!

Offline Tips

You may have noticed a golden coin on each page of my website that mentions I accept Offline tips.  This is a tool many of my fans have been requesting – so we were sure to implement this in the updated design.  It’s very easy to use.  You just click on the button and log into MyFreeCams (MFC).  If you don’t already have an account, just register.  It is free to register.  

Next, you just purchase tokens!  If you buy $20 worth of tokens – you become a LIFETIME PREMIUM member of MyFreeCams.  You can then go back to my page and send me a request and tip when I am offline by clicking on that same coin and send me however many tokens you would like.  Any tips are are ALWAYS appreciated. 

Updated Design Offline Tips EgyptBeauty LIVE ARABIC SEX
Click on the banner that looks like this to send me offline tips and requests!



I was getting several requests for me to set up a Facebook page.  While, I haven’t really done very much with this just yet, but you can CLICK HERE to like me on Facebook.  The Facebook page will start being updated regularly very shortly.  I look forward to having several ways for my fans to reach me.  Yes, there are VERY few Facebook followers at this time – again, that is because I only just created it!  You can access this on my website by clicking on the “Social Media” button on the top menu.


The updated design makes it easier to follow me on Twitter.  I will be trying to announce via Twitter any of my news as well as anytime I am logging onto my Live Webcam.  Keeping my fans up to the minute on my LiveWebcam is a huge priority to me!   You can also CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter!

SnapChat and Others

SnapChat, Instagram and others will be coming soon.  I am working on that – I need to get a smartphone first.   HAHA!


I added a link to my YouTube channel where you can see some of the crazy and fun videos I have made.  Be sure to click the “Subscribe” button on YouTube so you can be updated any time I post a new Official EgyptBeauty YouTube Video!  


This has not yet been set up; however, stay tuned because I will soon be implementing LIVE Periscope shows and much more!


Arabic Pussy Egypt Pussy Movies updated design 

The Members area will be getting a full redesign and update over the next few days as part of the updated design!    I will make an announcement the moment the new area is updated!  It will feature ALL of my past photos and movies as well as will being updated regularly with new material as well as some fun special features only members will have access to!  This is an exciting time for EgyptBeauty!





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  1. Awesome Site, EgyptBeauty 🙂 You are quite a charming, beautiful, and entertaining woman.. 5 star woman. I will definitely visit your site often. 🤓

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