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Miss EgyptBeauty – Biography

Hello…EgyptBeauty Sex Anal Porn Pussy Toys Masturbation XXX SexMy name is Miss EgyptBeauty  (Sarah) and I would like to introduce myself to all of you.  Having been born here in the United States, my descent is from Cairo, Egypt.  I would like for you to know why I have chosen to make this website.  One thing I have always felt is that I have a mission here on Earth and have set the goals within my heart to become an Angel and make a difference to the best of my ability in as many people’s lives as I can.

I am not doing this website to gain fame or fortune.  I am doing this to have the financial capability to help as many needy people as I can. There are people suffering day after day and homeless people with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  There are many people suffering so badly and it hurts my heart to see so much misery and sadness existing around the world.

I stand proudly by all that I provide throughout my website.  In the end, only God will judge me for my actions here on earth.  I will do my very best to provide excellent, enjoyable entertainment for you.  Those of you who choose to become a member will be helping the life of someone who had no hope for their future.

Through me, many sad faces will soon smile and yours as well  !


Sarah  XOXO